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If you've been arrested for a criminal offense, you need a hardworking and experienced attorney on your side. Attorney Hashim of the Law Office of Che L. Hashim is a successful lawyer who has a long track record of victories in both negotiations & trial.

He offers affordable, high-quality defense for many different types of charges, including:

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Recent Victories

  • Sonoma County Superior Court

    Not guilty verdict after trial on allegations that the client feloniously aided a gang member in escaping arrest for a crime previously committed. The prosecution’s gang expert was made to acknowledge the vast array of gang affiliations and the jury did not accept his opinion that given general gang culture, our client must have known the principle committed the earlier ...

  • Lake County Superior Court

    District Attorney dismissed complaint alleging a battery against casino security.

  • San Mateo Superior Court

    The Court, over the objection of the District Attorney dismissed the case of an elderly grandmother with early-stage dementia who had been accused of a vehicular hit and run, a misdemeanor under California law.

  • Butte County Superior Court

    District Attorney dismissed the case of the brother of a medical marijuana collective operator who was found on the dispensary premises without a recommendation and was accused of facilitating sales of marijuana to patients.

  • Trinity County Superior Court

    Prosecution dismisses case with prejudice during opening arguments. In a case where a father and son were alleged to have assaulted the police during an altercation at a family home, Mr. Hashim’s victory in pre-trail motions, which restricted the evidence that could be used by the prosecution, resulted in the dismissal of the case where the prosecutor violated the ...

  • Supreme Court of California

    In the People v. Randall Harris Wood, Mr. Hashim’s client was originally convicted of transportation of marijuana, for possessing several pounds of marijuana in the trunk of his car, while driving through San Mateo County. Mr. Wood was a qualified patient but was nevertheless arrested, and prosecuted. Mr. Wood was appointed an attorney and later proceeded to trial, where ...

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