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In California, it is illegal to cultivate marijuana for recreational use in any capacity. Based on the county, marijuana cultivation laws can include different sets of penalties for such a crime. If you have been charged with marijuana cultivation, it is important to begin fighting your charges right away.

As a Northern California drug crimes attorney, Attorney Che L. Hashim has nearly a decade of experience and can put his skills to work for whatever charges you are facing. His thorough understanding of California's legal system can be the advantage you need!

How is marijuana cultivation punished?

All aspects of cultivation of marijuana are illegal in California unless permitted for medical purposes. In these cases, a certified physician must provide approval. If you are arrested for cultivation, your penalties will depend on the amount of marijuana found and any past criminal activity on your record.

However, you may be charged with the following penalties:

  • Up to 3 years in prison
  • Fines up to $10,000
  • Felony conviction

Because medical marijuana is legal in the state of California, people who cultivate the drug for medical use may be exempt from felony charges that others would face if growing plants illegally.

The guidelines regarding medical marijuana cultivation are constantly changing and it is important to stay updated on all relevant court decisions and opinions. These decisions and opinions continually change the defenses that are available to medical marijuana patients and can be beneficial in reducing or dismissing charges you may face.

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If you are arrested for cultivating marijuana, there are several potential defenses that the Law Office of Che L. Hashim may use in your case. Every case is unique and by scheduling a free case evaluation with the firm, Attorney Hashim can determine the best strategies to implement.

Don't hesitate to contact his firm today. You may be able to avoid a felony conviction with the help of a reliable criminal defense attorney in Northern California!