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In California, it is illegal to possess marijuana in any form unless you have a legal medical marijuana recommendation permitting possession. If you are convicted of illegal possession of marijuana, you can face serious penalties.

Securing the defense of a Northern California drug crimes attorney may help reduce or dismiss your charges!

California's Penalties for Illegal Possession

Marijuana possession for personal is its own offense and is not the same as a violation of possessing marijuana for sale or cultivating marijuana.

In cases of alleged illegal possession, the prosecution must prove that you:

  • Possessed marijuana
  • Knew it was a drug
  • Knew it was marijuana
  • Possessed enough marijuana that it could be used as drug

If the prosecution can determine that you were using marijuana illegally for recreational use, you may face serious charges. These penalties can include:

  • Minimum fines of $100
  • Up to 6 months in jail
  • Mandatory time in a juvenile detention facility
  • Felony conviction on your record

What are the penalties for possession with the intent to sell?

Illegal possession of marijuana for sale is considered a more serious offense than illegal possession for personal use. In cases of possession for sale, police use "signs of intent" to prove that an individual has the marijuana for sale purposes.

Some signs of intent used by police to build a case include:

  • The amount of marijuana
  • The packaging of marijuana
  • The suspect's location when arrested
  • Whether the defendant had paraphernalia for use of the drug
  • The suspect is found with a lot of cash or a weapon

Whether you are facing possession charges or were arrested for possession with intent to sell, the penalties are serious and require the counsel of an experienced Northern California drug crimes attorney.

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