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When you have been hurt by the carelessness of another, you can turn to Che L. Hashim, Esq. for legal representation backed by both experience and compassion. In every circumstance and case type, he acts with tenacity when dealing with the opposition and genuine care when communicating and working with his clients. It is this two-sided approach to personal injury claims that has led him to success, time and time again.

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Cases & Claims the Firm Manages

The Law Office of Che L. Hashim is committed to providing clients with top-quality legal advocacy when they need help the most. He has become greatly familiar with some of the most common types of personal injury claims, which allows his clients to feel confident in his abilities while also resting and relaxing themselves.

Some of the personal injury case type his firm manages include but is not limited to:

  • Auto accidents: Hundreds of car accidents happen each year just in San Francisco and the surrounding region, and every driver who did not cause the collision deserves honest representation and a maximized recovery. You can come to Attorney Hashim when you need help with an auto accident claim, such as car accident, truck accident, and motorcycle accident.
  • Premises liability: Every homeowner, office and retail store manager, and property controller has an unshakable duty to protect guests, patrons, and visitors from preventable hazards. San Francisco personal injury Attorney Hashim is knowledgeable in premises liability law and how it pertains to such cases, like slip and fall accidents, negligent security cases, and more.
  • Employment-related disputes: Instances of wrongful termination, workplace harassment, and employment discrimination can result in financial losses and a lessened sense of wellbeing. If you have an employment-related civil litigation matter, Attorney Hashim should be your first choice of representation for trusted, reliable counsel that seeks every last penny you deserve for such unjust treatment.

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As far as personal injury claims typically go, the sooner you act, the stronger your case will be. Waiting too long only allows the liable party to plan more ways to try to skirt their accountability. If you wait too long, California’s statute of limitations on personal injury claims might also expire, making it impossible for you to seek compensation.

When you work with Che L. Hashim, Esq., he can review what compensation you should pursue in your case:

  • Medical costs
  • Rehabilitation fees
  • Property repair
  • Lost wages
  • Pain and suffering
  • Lessened enjoyment of life

Your road to recovery starts with you. Take the initiative today by contacting Attorney Hashim and requesting a completely free case evaluation.