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Many employment law violations can actually be considered in civil litigation claims, as mistreatment in the workplace can easily translate to lost finances and certain forms of nonphysical damages. San Francisco Attorney Che L. Hashim of The Law Office of Che L. Hashim is well-versed in both California injury and employment law, allowing him to give comprehensive legal representation that few other lawyers can claim.

Employment-related matters that Attorney Hashim can address through legal avenues include:

  • Wrongful termination: Employers must usually supply ample and valid reasons for choosing to terminate, fire, or lay off an employee. Without following the correct procedures, it could constitute intentional and wrongful termination that may be challenged.
  • Discrimination: There is a set of legally protected classes – race, gender, and age to name a few – that cannot be taken into account when choosing to penalize or award employees. If these classes are considered, it may constitute discrimination.
  • Harassment: Unwelcome sexual advances and outward intimidation attempts in the workplace are strictly prohibited and must be prevented by supervisors, employers, and executives, all backed by appropriate workplace training.

Do you have an employment-related matter that needs settling, either in the courtroom or a conference room for negotiations? Che L. Hashim, Esq. can provide trusted and experienced legal representation, guidance, and general counsel. Call 415.689.6624 to connect with law firm today.

Distinct Damages Caused by Employment-Related Issues

After incidents of discrimination, harassment, or wrongful termination are conducted, the unjustly treated employee will most likely never feel comfortable working at that company or establishment again. With this stated, continued and fair employment at the company might not be the appropriate form of restitution. Instead, it may be logical to reward the employee with a financial sum before allowing them to seek gainful employment elsewhere.

Damages that could be caused by an employment-related matter include:

  1. Financial: An employment law violation can impact an employee’s finances directly. Clearly, this will be the case when wrongful termination occurs, but it can also arise if other types of harassment or discrimination make it difficult to be productive at work. This could cost the employee raises, promotions, and bonuses. Real financial damages may be owed to the plaintiff in this regard.
  2. Reputation: An employee who is unjustly affected by employment law violations may have his or her reputation stained or name defamed. This is likely to make finding employment in similar fields incredibly difficult, potentially costing the employee weeks or months of salary that would have been earned had the reputation damage never occurred.
  3. Emotional: In some cases, an employee who is victimized by persistent discrimination and harassment could experience real emotional trauma. Just as nominal damages are permitted in a personal injury case, the same might be an option in specific employment-related matters.

Sort Through the Details with Attorney Hashim

No matter the reasoning behind your employment-related case or claim, it is bound to be heavy with legal and business contract details. San Francisco litigation Attorney Hashim can sit down with you to discuss the nuances of your case, review all available evidence of workplace wrongdoing, and start constructing a reliable case. Contact The Law Office of Che L. Hashim today to learn more about your rights and how to protect them.